Namadingo’s mashup reunites Billy Kaunda and Peter Mazunda


When Peter Mazunda left Television Malawi-TVM now MBC TV to partner with his friends Maneno Mtawali and Jolly Ntaba in order to form Kings Multimedia Production-KMP in the year 2000, the trio among other things worked tirelessly to change the music video production landscape in the country.

At the time KMP was formed TVM used to produce music videos with little diversity due to financial constraints, while Billy Kaunda the founder of the now inactive Armageddon Band was probably the hottest musicians in the country with albums that registered high market sells namely Mwapindulanji, Alibe Mau and Muime Kaye among others to his credit.

The Mwapindulanji hit maker, understood the vision and style KMP was trying to bring to the music industry. This resulted in the artist becoming one of the main clients of the creative agency, leading to Peter Mazunda producing and directing Billy’s music videos such as Zachabechabe, Mukanafuna, Bwenzi Lokonda and Ken Kaunda’s Lydia girl.

More than 16 years after the two creatives worked together on a music video project, multi-award winning musician Billy Kaunda and the legendary videographer Peter Mazunda met at Umodzi Park (BICC) in Lilongwe on Saturday 1st February 2020. Thanks to Patience Namadingo’s Mush Up 4 project.

Mush Up is an initiative of the All New Namadingo brand in which the Patience collaborates with upcoming and established musicians to reproduce prominent local songs in the reggae genre.

The reunion of the two creatives, totally changed the mood in the hotel room which happens to be a make shift studio during the production of Mush Up 4. They rekindled golden moments of their youthful artistic world, and had a lot to catch up because last time they worked together; Billy had not made it to parliament. He was only a musician with sensitive political themed songs, while Peter was still co-owning KMP as Xtra Solutions had not been formed yet.

Billy could not hide his excitement in meeting Peter. In his jovial low tone he told the Mush Up 4 production team: “We were once boys, and we brought unique choreography and music video concepts in this nation with him (Peter) in those days before he changed focus to documentaries, adverts, media training and whatever”

Peter laughed and said, “We were only pace setters, and it is interesting to note the improvement the music video industry has undergone over the years.”

The Conversation was cut short as it was time to get to work. The production is now complete pending release on February 17 2020 at 7pm.

The production crew is anxious if Mush up 4 will register high impact than Mush up 3 which featured iconic musician Lucius Banda. Stillmore, if truth be told. This production will take people down the memory lane and offered the production team a chance to witness firsthand the meaning of “amoyo sarekana” in Billy and Peter’s reunion.


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