DPP youths want Chilima as presidential candidate in fresh elections


Councillor for Soche East Leonard Chimbanga has revealed that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth want UTM leader Saulos Chilima to be the DPP’s presidential candidate in the fresh elections.

Chimbanga made the revelations in a leaked audio conversations with a woman identified as Angella Macjessie.

According to the councilor, the youth have told the DPP National Governing Council to allow Chilima be the party’s torchbearer with Minister of Agriculture and DPP Vice President for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa as his vice runningmate.

“Some people think it’s a good idea, even some UTM members. There some people that I am talking to on the same issue and now there are groups created, so things are flowing,” said Chimbanga who joined the DPP last year after dumping UTM.

He added that a lot of DPP youth are also supporting the idea of Chilima being the party’s candidate.

“Chipani chijano chamangana mphwanga, aliyense tanena kuti gayezi tiyeni timuthandizane Chilima (The DPP is now stronger than ever, all youth have agreed that we should assist Chilima),” said Chimbanga.

He added that, for a start, the party youth have demanded President Peter Mutharika to give Chilima his benefits following the UTM leader’s restoration as Vice President of Malawi by the Constitutional.

“We need to respect him. We will need him, let’s treat him well,” said Chimbanga.

Asked by the woman if Chilima will accept to be DPP’s presidential candidate, Kambanga said the UTM leader has no choice since he cannot win the presidential elections on his own.

He also claimed that Chilima’s UTM cannot enter into an alliance with Malawi Congress Party (MCP) because the MCP does not want Chilima.

According to Chimbanga, MCP hates Chilima because the party believes it would have won the now nullified 2019 presidential elections had Chilima not entered the presidential race.

“Don’t think MCP likes Chilima, they hate him. That party is a conservative party,” said Chimbanga.

The councilor also warned that if Mutharika refuses to give Chilima his benefits, the party youth will not help him campaign for the fresh elections.

According to Chimbanga,  the youth will not care even if Mutharika loses.

On Thursday, the DPP councillor apologised for the statements made in the leaked audio saying it was a private conversation with a supposed friend.

He also  assured party leaders of his loyalty to the DPP.

“I would like to acknowledge the audios going around with profound regret as it has caused injury to certain individuals. I am very sorry for my actions, I accept responsibility for my actions,” he said.