Malawi Posts Corporation says its drivers were speeding

The Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC) says an assessment by the Road Traffic Directorate (RTD) has revealed that Post Bus drivers were excited with the new buses and were speeding.

The company withdrew the buses from the roads last month to re-evaluate the safety environment of the buses following two accidents involving the buses.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company said it was observed during assessment that the buses are new and mechanically fit; and all the bus drivers are well qualified and experienced.

However, the drivers were excited with the new buses and were speeding.

According to MPC, it has taken measures in order to address the issues observed. The measures include locking the buses to a speed limit of 100Km/hr and placing drivers on a refresher course with the Road Traffic Department.

“We have installed real time trackers to give operations managers alerts on the bus proceedings, including speed, the on the road,” the company said.

Meanwhile, Post Bus Service will resume on Friday, the 14th February, 2020 and bookings have now been activated.



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