Malawi ready for Coronavirus – Minister of Health


Minister of Health Jappie Mhango has assured the nation that his ministry has put in place preventive measures for the novel coronavirus.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Mhango said that the country has the equipment and medical personnel in all entry points as such, those coming in the country are being tested first.

The virus which traces its roots to China has affected more than 45, 000 people in 27 countries across the world. The vast majority of cases are in China. Worse still, the lethal virus has claimed more than 1, 100 lives.

Malawi runs the risk of coronavirus cases given its business relationship with the Asian nation. Many Malawians visit China for business purposes. The citizenry want the government to focus on those coming in the country from China.

Some people have gone as far as avoiding Chinese shops in Malawi for fear of the deadly virus. They believe Chinese frequently visit their country to purchase commodities for sale.

Meanwhile countries across the world are taking different measures in the quest to tackle further spread of the virus. However most African countries are argued to be crippled in the process due to lack of resources.