Govt concerned over mob justice


Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Bright Msaka has expressed concern over mob justice saying it is worrying that the conduct is on the rise.

He made the remarks on Tuesday during his presentation of a ministerial statement on mob justice in Malawi at Parliament in Lilongwe.

He noted that citizens of this country continue to take law in their hands which shows that there is no justice because the process of finding someone guilty is not taken and sometimes innocent people are punished.

On the issue of selective justice, Msaka said whoever commit crimes has to face the law at any cost regardless of the person’s position and power.

“There is no selective justice and I don’t think that you have seen evidence of selective justice in the country. If a person commit crime whether he is tall or short  has to be prosecuted according to the law,” he said.

He then asked people in the country to refrain from taking laws into their own hands and trust police and the justice system by reporting suspects.

Commenting on the issue, Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mapuyu South Constituency Esther Cecilia Kathumba said some people in the country have not received justice.

She gave the example of women in Lilongwe who were allegedly raped by police officers.

Kathumba added that police were supposed to show justice since they are the same people who arrest individuals suspected of committing crimes.

“Crime is crime. We have seen men who have been raping girls and they are arrested immediately what is wrong with the police officers? The minister’s statement is just diverting from the truth, there is only selective justice in the country,” she said.



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