Game changer: Bushiri’s miracle maize price shocks Malawi

South Africa based prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1, of the Enlightened Christian Gathering’s (ECG) has announced that he will start selling maize at a cheap price so that many Malawians can afford to buy the maize.

Bushiri said on Tuesday that he will start selling maize all over Malawi at a reduced price of MK5000 per bag weighing 50 Kilogram (Kg).

The prophet added that he will open his first selling places in Ntcheu district Wednesday, 12 February 2020.

According to Bushiri, he is eager and ready to join hands with any individual, institutions or government, in as far as working towards addressing difficult situations that Malawians are passing through, such as hunger, is concerned.

Currently, the buying price of maize at the market ranges from MK18,000 to MK20,000 for a bag weighing 50 Kg.

Major 1 has been assisting different countries which are within South African Development Community (SADC), in times of food scarcity.

In recent years, Bushiri also helped Malawi with maize relief to people who were affected by hunger.

The controversial prophet is currently fighting corruption and money laundering charges in South Africa. He is required under his bail conditions to inform South African prosecutors before leaving the country.

Since his arrest in February last year, Bushiri has never travelled outside South Africa. His brother in-law, Duncan Gwamba Zgambo has been coordinating charitable activities outside South Africa on behalf of Bushiri.


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