Ansah: I am not resigning


Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah says she will not resign unless the Supreme Court upholds the decision of the Constitutional Court which nullified the May 21 presidential polls.

MEC chairperson was speaking at the Parliament today where she appeared before the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of Parliament on Wednesday.

During the hearing, one Member of Parliament reminded Ansah that she told the nation that she will step down if the court found that there were irregularities that affected the May 21 Elections.

In her response, Ansah said the commission is not satisfied with the ruling delivered by the Constitutional Court hence the appeal means that 3rd February ruling is not final.

“If the Supreme Court finds that we did not do well then yes, I will resign,” said Ansah.

She noted that the Constitutional Court ruling faulted MEC for finding the winner using the first past the post electoral system which has been used since 1994 something which the commission does not agree with.

“If the commission does not appeal it means the commission agrees that it was wrong to declare the winner based on first past the post because the commission worked with the law that was there,” said Ansah in reference to the court’s ruling that the presidential elections should have used the 50 percent plus one vote electoral system

During the meeting Jane Ansah also maintained that the 21 May elections were free and fair and all 147 complaints were resolved before the announcement of official results which is contrary to what another MEC Commissioner Mary Nkosi told the committee on Monday that some complaints were not dealt with.

The Constitutional Court nullified the 2019 Presidential Elections last week and ordered MEC to hold fresh elections due to irregularities in the 2019 polls.


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