MEC lawyers instructed CEO to lie – Commissioner

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) lawyers told the commission’s Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Sammy Alfandika to lie that MEC commissioners were yet to read the Constitutional Court’s ruling that nullified the May 21 elections.

MEC commissioner Bishop Mary Nkosi revealed this today when she appeared before the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament.

She was referring to a letter signed by Alfandika asking the parliamentary committee to delay the hearings by 21 days because the commissioners had not read the Constitutional Court ruling.

According to Nkosi, she asked MEC CEO Sam Alfandika about the letter and the CEO said it was letter by a MEC lawyer who gave it to him to sign.

Nkosi during the hearing denied attending any meeting where it was decided that parliamentary hearings should delayed.

She also told the parliamentarians that during the May 21 Elections, some decisions were made by MEC chairperson Jane Ansah without consulting the other eight commissioners. According to Nkosi, Ansah ordered auditors to continue announcing results of the elections using tally sheets that had figures altered with correction fluid.

The other eight MEC commissioners will also appear before parliamentary committee which is enquiring into the commissioners’ capacity to manage the fresh elections as ordered by the Constitutional Court.

The commissioners are chairperson Justice Jane Ansah, Jean Mathanga, Elvey Mtafu, Linda Kunje, Reverend Killion Mgawi, Moffat Banda and Reverend Clifford Baloyi.