Man dies in Karonga floods

A man aged 46 died in Karonga on Sunday after attempting to cross a flooded stream.

Hundreds of households have also been left homeless following the floods that occurred Saturday night in several areas of Karonga district.

Karonga Police Spokesperson, Enock Livason, said on Monday that Happy Mwalwimba drowned on Sunday night in an attempt to cross Mwangwawira Stream, in company of friends.

He added that Mwalwimba went for drinking on the other side of the stream and drowned on his way back.

Post-mortem conducted by medical personnel revealed that death was due to suffocation secondary to drowning.

“It is very sad that we have lost a life of a person due to floods. A life of a person is special, so it is painful to lose it like that,” Livason said.

According to the Malawi News Agency, Karonga has been receiving heavy rains for the past one week causing main rivers including North Rukuru to flood.

The floods have destroyed houses, some crops and livestock.

Acting Disaster Officer for Karonga, Victor Phiri said over 450 households in the district have been displaced due to flooding of North Rukuru River.

He added that the affected people are seeking shelter in four camps that have been created in the district.

The affected villages are Kambitoto, Mwanjera, Mwangolera, Mukupa, Mbwefu, Kafikisira and Katunga.

“We are experiencing a very pathetic situation. Some houses are completely damaged and their property, food and other materials have been destroyed,” he told MANA.

Phiri called on government and other well-wishers to assist the affected people with food items, plastic papers, tents and kitchen utensils.