Woman burns son’s lips, neck, chest


Police in Mulanje have arrested a 37-year-old-woman for burning her 5-year-old son’s lips, neck and chest after accusing him of stealing fish.

Sergeant Blessings Gama, deputy spokesperson Mulanje Police Station, identified the woman as Loveness Fabiano.

He said the woman cooked the fish and left for an unknown destination leaving the child alone. When she reported back she realized that some relish were missing in the pot.

“She asked her son who denied any criminal liability. With anger, she took a burning firewood and scorched her son on his lips, neck and chest before leaving home,” Gama said.

The boy’s aunt was alerted by his screaming and she went to the house where she found the child with burn wounds. The aunt rushed with him to Mulanje District Hospital where he was admitted.

The following morning, the victim’s mother followed them and she was apprehended by police officers who went there after hearing the news.

Currently, the suspect is still in custody waiting to appear in court when investigations are through.

Meanwhile, Police are therefore advising parents and guardians to avoid exposing their children to any form of abuse.