Forestry department seeks to inculcate tree planting culture in youth

Director of Forestry, Stella Gama, says government wants to inculcate a culture of tree planting in young people to help address the adverse effects of climate change.

The Director was speaking during a tree planting exercise at Mitundu Primary School in the area of Senior Group Village Headman Chingala in Lilongwe.

Gama says it is important for the youth to participation in the tree planting exercise and support sustainable forest management.

“The government has introduced Malawi Youth Forest Restoration Programme (MYFRP) as a response to widespread forest degradation and deforestation with the aim of empowering the youth economically at the same time addressing the problems of deforestation and land degradation by ensuring that trees and forests make optimum contribution towards the diverse needs of Malawians,” said Gama.

She urged the pupils to extend the practice to their families and communities in order to help transform landscapes and their livelihood.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Bintony Kutsaira has said the five thousand trees that have been planted at the school will help encourage pupils to support activities aimed at alleviating challenges of climate change.

Speaking at the same event, Sakuwa Steel Limited Managing Director, Levison Moyo, said the company will continue to support the governmental programmes that are meant to address climate change.

On his part, Mitundu Primary School Headteacher Mr. Lefutala, assured the Director that the pupils will look after the trees.


By Davies Munthali