Malawian Hip-Hop artist Toast announces new EP ‘Don’t Try This At Home’

Malawian Hip-Hop artist, Toast, has revealed the name, artwork and tracklist for his new first solo project titled DTTAH (Don’t Try This At Home).

Amid having a slight delay to the release of the project, the rapper said he had been busy with studies.

“This is a project I have worked on from 2018 and it took me time ’cause I had made a decision to return back to varsity, but I can finally say my first solo project is done and coming out on 9 March 2020”.

The EP consists of six songs and two bonus tracks, including features from; Tuno, Quest, Henwood and South African rapper Kwesta.

The EP will be made available for purchase as soon as it drops.

“It will be at an affordable price one that everyone can afford,” said Toast.

The rapper also explained the reason behind the choice of the title.

“I chose this title and the artwork to convey a message as what most of the artists do people seem to try and copy forgetting some of it is just for entertainment purposes, taking it as an artist is a tool for educating as much as entertaining.

“So in the artwork is a reflection of something I don’t do, but most people would presume I do hence the title Don’t Try This At Home.”

He added that the album has different genres including Rap, Trap, Pop and Dancehall.

“I tried to create music that everyone can listen to and not just focus on one type of sound and in my songs I used Chichewa, English and Swahili,” said Toast.

He then urged people in the country to support the album as they have done with other projects over the years.


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