Jumany’s album launch attracts top Tanzanian artist

Jumany Banda

Lilongwe based musician Jumany who recently worked with Malawian heavyweights Hyphen, Kell Kay, Buccie and Tsar Leo on different projects, has now attracted a top artist from the neighbouring Tanzania to his album launch.

When asked as to when he plans to launch the collection and reveal the Tanzanian star who will Grace the occasion, Jumany decided to keep it a secret to avoid spoiling the surprise.

Tanzania has got many internationally recognised artists such as Alikiba, Diamond, Ommy Dimples, Ravanny, Linah, Jux, Vanessa Mdee, and Harmonize but the question is, who is it? The answer is, let’s wait patiently for the surprise.

Meanwhile, Jumany has done a tune alongside Mbumba and it is branded ‘Iwe’. ‘Iwe’ is top standard tune whose English word means ‘YOU’.

It is about someone whom a person has fallen in love with and it means, ‘Iwe’, you are the one I love, the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with, the one I need for my wellbeing. It is a wonderfully baked vibe with lyrical maturity and vocal strength.

Listening to the tune, a person might not be surprised that Jumany’s album launch has attracted an undisclosed heavyweight from the East African nation.