Man arrested for offering daughter for sale


Police in Mchinji have arrested a 46-year-old man for offering for sale his own 16-year-daughter.

The man has been identified as Agapito Mazuzo Mwale.

According to Mchinji Police Station PRO Inspector Kaitano Lubrino, in December 2019, Mazuzo approached a certain businessperson at Ludzi Trading Centre (name withheld), saying he was offering a sheep for sale.

When Mazuzo was asked how much the sheep was, he said it was going at K500, 000.

This surprised the businessperson which prompted him to find out more.

Later, Agapito Mazuzo Mwale disclosed that it was not a real sheep, but a human being. This shocked the business person who asked for some time.

The businessperson then disclosed the issue to a member of the community policing from the area who further tipped the police.

The team coordinated and apprehended the suspect.

Meanwhile, police have opened a holding charge of conduct likely to cause breach of peace contrary to Section 181 of the Penal Code and will appear before court soon when investigations are over.

Agapito Mazuzo Mwale, 46, hails from Mchitanji Village, Traditional Authority Nyoka in Mchinji.K


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  1. Unproffesional work done by our police. Why not waiting for Him to bring the so called Sheep to the buyer and then arrest him that time? Ntchito zolowera chibale ndi izo amakukhapani nazo chifukwa chosadziwa magwiridwe a ntchito. Kupupuluma hvy ngati mikodzo

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