HRDC to hold demos tomorrow

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has said it will hold demonstrations on Thursday to demand the arrest of police officers suspected of raping women and girls at Msundwe.

It is alleged that police officers raped young girls and women at Msundwe area in Lilongwe on 8th October.

Speaking with reporters, the grouping’s Vice Chairperson Gift Trapence said police know the suspects following the inquiry the law enforcers conducted.

He added that it is unbelievable to see that the police are still saying that they are investigating on the matter yet they know the persons who were on duty on the day the women were raped.

Trapence added that as human rights fighters will not sit down and fold their arms as if nothing happened but they will make sure the police officers who are involved in the case are dealt with accordingly.

“As HRDC we can see that this issue is taking longer than expected time as such we want justice to prevail at any cost. Police are not supposed to be favoring one party when it comes to these issues,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Police is conducting criminal investigations into the matter.