Bushiri’s Church set ablaze in South Africa over sex scandal  

Bushiri Major 1

Angry people have set ablaze Shepherd Bushiri’s church in South Africa this morning. The Church has been set ablaze over claims that the head of the Church raped a woman.

According to reports from South African media, the Church was set ablaze on the morning of Monday, 6 January.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported that a Pastor of the Church branch which is located in Thembalethu had been arrested for allegedly raping a 23-year old Church member.

The Pastor whose identity is currently being concealed is said to be a Malawian 33 year old man who was dispatched to head the congregation in Thembalethu.

Instead of just taking care of the sheep there, it is said that he decided to use his position to force the woman to sleep with him.

When the woman lodged a complaint, Church members threatened to attack her in an attempt to force her to withdraw the charges. The woman was taken into a safe house for her own protection.

The Church members have since released a letter indicating that the Pastor did not rape the woman but had a mutual agreement with her to have sex outside of marriage which is considered a sin by Christians.

The Pastor is appearing before court and community members who set the Church ablaze are said to have flocked to the court.



  1. I feel sorry for Him because south Africa law says Rape case you get life imprisonment its like in Malawi where maximum sentence is 14 yrs shame at Him and sorry to the family where he comes from

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