Prophet Mboro calms storm that blew plane off course


Prophet Paseka Mboro Matsoeneng on Friday saved fellow travellers from what could have been a plane crash when he calmed a storm through prayer.

According to Prophet Mboro, while he was flying into South Africa on Friday there were thunderstorms and heavy rains that blew the plane off course.

“People started panicking, they were afraid for their lives. As a man of God, I knew that if I didn’t do anything a lot of people could lose their lives, so I stood in the gap and started praying just like Jesus did,” he said.

According Mboro, his prayer calmed the thunderstorms.

“When I finished praying I vomited and just like that it started to rain normally, and the plane landed,” he said.

He added that God told him that the year 2020 will be a tough year with a lot of disasters, storms, chaos fake miracles and a lot of lies in the church.

Mboro further said that real faith is the only one that will carry people through.

“We were faced with that situation and we prayed,” he said.