Woman stoned to death over witchcraft accusations


A 40-year old woman in Dedza has been stoned to death by  villagers over witchcraft accusations.

The woman identified as Namatunga Tisauke Phiri died Saturday at the hands of an irate mob at Chawo village.

She was accused of bewitching her sister-in law who died at Mtendere Hospital after a short illness.


On 24 December, Phiri went to the village of her husband, Isaac Gwirize, to discuss a possible reunion since the two had separated in January.  The husband had married another woman.

According to Dedza Police deputy spokesperson, Phiri then accused her sister-in law, Gilberta Gwirize, of interfering with her marriage, which led to a separation.

Phiri further warned Gwirize that if she would not stop interfering she would die before 28 December.

Coincidentally, on 27 December, Gwirize was down with malaria and was rushed to Mtendere Hospital. She died while receiving treatment.

Phiri attended the funeral and her presence didn’t go down well with Gwirize’s relatives who ganged up against her. They pelted stones at Phiri, killing her instantly.

Police arrived at the scene and found Phiri already dead.

Postmortem conducted at Dedza District Hospital revealed that she died due to severe head injuries.

Meanwhile, Police are hunting for her assailants. The law enforcers have also condemned the barbaric act saying no one is allowed to take another person’s life.

Phiri hailed from Kochepa village in the area of Traditional Authority Kaphuka in Dedza.