We want to clean Malawi – HRDC  


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) says it will continue holding demonstrations because the grouping wants an end to human rights abuses in the country.

HRDC in Salima

HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo made the remarks on Sunday during a Citizen rally at Msalura Ground in Salima.

“Some people say that we like demonstrations, marching in the streets but our answer is yes because we want to clean this nation, everyone should enjoy their rights, people should be employed according to their capabilities not because of their status or tribe,” he explained.

He then announced that the grouping will hold fresh protests on 9 January if the police officers who raped women and girls at Msundwe in Lilongwe are not arrested.

He added that demonstrations will also be held in Chitipa on 27th January to protest against mining in the district.

According to Mtambo, the grouping wants to come up with a citizen manifesto so that people should be aware of their rights and know where to report issues affecting their lives.

He said Malawians should realize that leaders are put in power to lead and protect the lives, rights and wellbeing of those people who put them in those positions.

During the rally, Mtambo asked Malawians to accept the presidential elections.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition is a grouping that has been leading in demonstrations to force Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah to resign from her position accusing her of mishandling May 21 elections.


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  1. Please Mr Mtambo! I think you know those police better just go open the case so that they must be arrested. You know the procedure better even people at village the know the procedure best. Not those demostrations. You’re now teaching people the only way to solve their problems is through demostrations. It will be out of control that systems. It will be like another country which I don’t want to name it.

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