Up-and-coming artists encouraged to embrace mistakes


Women and youths who dream of becoming gospel artists have been encouraged to believe in God and embrace their mistakes for them to reach their goals.

Susan Kumwenda who is also an up-and-coming gospel artist said this in an interview with Malawi24.

Kumwenda performing

Kumwenda said that although she is new in the industry there is nothing that can stop her from achieving her goal of becoming a well-known gospel artist because she has confidence and she is not afraid to make mistakes because mistakes makes one to be perfect.

She added that her confidence has seen her sharing the stage with other gospel artists such as the Chitheka Family and she is looking forward to perform with other artists who want to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through gospel music.

“Currently, l am planning to release more songs. Chitheka Family inspires me a lot and I cannot look back,” she explained.

The artist also advised women that the status of being a wife or mother should not be a barrier to those willing and eager to become gospel artists since most of the times it’s a calling from God.