Airtel Malawi bashed for refusing mobile money payments


Malawians on social media have blasted Airtel Malawi for not accepting payments through Airtel Money in its shops.

Social media users have expressed doubt on whether the network provider trust Airtel Money as a payment system.

Facebook user Dan Phiri posted about his experience at an Airtel Shop in Blantyre where he was told that he could not pay using Airtel Money.

Phiri said he was shocked because he did not expect an Airtel Malawi Shop at Chichiri Shopping Mall or anywhere else to reject the company’s own mobile payment service.

“Does it mean Airtel doesn’t trust its own product? If Airtel can’t accept Mr Money as legal tender, how then can they convince entities like Shoprite, Game, Pep, Spar and such like to adopt it as a legit means of payment? queried Phiri.

Commenting on the post, other Facebook users described Airtel’s refusal to accept Airtel Money as strange and ironic.

Another commenter said Airtel Money should have been the recommended payment system in Airtel shops.

“You just make so much sense in this one. Airtel Malawi has some homework to do. I guess we can easily do any transactions in Airtel shops by first recommending customers pay with Airtel Money, card swipe second then lastly cash,” he said.