Council rejects Seventh Day members’ request to close church offices


The Blantyre City Council (BCC) has rejected a request by a grouping of Seventh Day Adventist members to close the church’s offices.

The grouping called South Malawi Conference (SMC) Concerned Laity wanted to shut down offices of the South Malawi Conference.

In a letter dated 25 December, 2019 addressed to the SMC concerned laity, the council turned down a proposal by the grouping on grounds that it is not a registered group and its intention is against the law.

“Our rejection is based on a number of reasons, firstly, you are not a registered group and therefore not legally recognized. In the event of damage of property or injury to people it will be difficult to trace and professionally deal with all those who took part in the requested event.

“The second reason for rejection is that the requested event (closure of offices of South Malawi Conference) will contravene several laws including section 99 of the Police Act (2010). In particular, the section states that an event which is likely to result in collision between two rival groups with the likely risk of violence should not be allowed. It also states that any action that will impede access to property should not be allowed,” the council said in the letter.

The letter further highlighted that the action of the SMC laity will result in breach of peace in the city which is contrary to section 118 of penal code.

The grouping wanted to seal the office of South Malawi Conference to force SMC leadership to resign over allegations of fake qualifications.