Music with sexy body complement – Beanca Wadada


Beanca Wadada, a Malawian female musician dubbed Beyonce, has said music with a good body structure are inseparable.

The afro-popstar based in Lilongwe posted on Facebook a nude portrait of herself in celebration of her own birthday.


She targeted her remarks towards Mikozi, an entertainment online tabloid.

“Somebody tell Mikozi that Music with good body structure go together. Happy birthday to me” she captioned her photo, in a holds-no-barred style.

She has however drawn the ire of conservative Malawians. They accused her of using nudity to draw people’s attention rather than use her talent – which they said she does not possess.

“Plz ladies let’s respect ourselves kmaso when choosing colours tien tisankhe according to our skin colour nanga wats this abale?? Do u want to spoil my Christmas” Tad Kesh commented on Beanca’s post.

You look like something that just escaped from the zoo. Where were the guards?? Ndipi which artist poses lije that in a photo .not even shensea. Woman go and join tailoring. Your songs are just smelling songs. Wat a pitty” said Lamec Gunya

“Don’t mix stupidity doesn’t go together with good body” Happy Khwima Banda.

However, some of her fans have backed her freedom while accusing those insulting her of racism and inferiority complex which the fans said was common among black people in Africa.  Her fans said Beanca was no different from Nicki Minaj.

Anakakhala nick minaj or Nadia naka… Bwezi mukuti: ‘beautiful. I love you. Hot. A*s is dope’. Koma poti ndiwathuwathu wachimalawi mukumasuka kwambiri, Amalawi simunasukusulebe , why?” wondered Trymo Xt Mw

Annie Kimberly Namondwe: “When your music is not selling and you decide to sell your body instead and your body also ends up being rejected on the market?????? have some dignity woman.. esp if u are a public figure zinazi muzitisiyila ife osatchukafe tizipanga izi ??? panti wakenso wa green with blond hair ?? where is fashion police when you need one ?”

She was also backed by several other women for freedom and expression.

“Well, I love the skin stone. Melanin so dark? and looks good on camera.Because its Africa, the girl will receive a lot of negative comments and hate her for the picture but if it was Nicki or Cardi B posing like that people would go like wow,nice,bluh bluh bluh.

“I love the photo, and more importantly the skin tone…Post another one let people talk talk talk,and then post another one again until they get tired,keep on posting I don’t see a problem the skin is so fine and the pose is so sexy.” commented Tionge Moyo.



  1. zosawakhala akaziwa apedze dzina zopangira attract attention.ya wathu…

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