National Youth Council of Malawi urges youth to spread cholera prevention messages

Oral Cholera Vaccine

The National Youth Council of Malawi has urged young people to take the responsibility in the fight against cholera by spreading cholera prevention messages in their respective communities.

The council says with the rain, comes the deadly but avoidable killer, cholera, hence youth should be alert in support of cholera prevention.

Cholera is a diarrhoea disease that can kill within hours if left untreated and statistics show millions of cholera cases are recorded across the world.

“There are 1.3 Million to 4 Million cases of cholera cases worldwide and 21,000 to 143,000 deaths of people worldwide,” the council said in a statement.

The National Youth Council of Malawi added that safe water and sanitation are critical to control the transmission of the disease and urged people to avoid consumption of pre-cooked food stuff sold in markets or public places.

The council also advised people to rush to the nearest healthy facility if they notice any cholera symptoms.