Malawi First Lady parties with 2,500 children


First Lady Gertrude Mutharika, on Monday hosted a Christmas party for 2,500 children in Mangochi where she told the kids that President Peter Mutharika loves them.

The party was held at Chikoko Bay State Residence in Mangochi.

Mutharika at the party

The children were drawn from religious groupings, district councils and constituencies of the two districts of Mangochi and Machinga.

The First Lady wished the children a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of Mutharika and on her own behalf saying the first couple always regarded children as dear hence the party.

“Your Dad the President loves you very much because you, children, are honest,” said the First Lady, urging them to continue being respectful of their parents and elders.

She also urged the children to make sure that they take care of the environment by keeping the surrounding litter free.

Madam Mutharika also taught the children good morals through a common folklore Kachitsa-kachitsa in which a rude little girl, Mary, got punished for swearing at a stump of tree after she had tripped on it.

“What we were learning from this folklore is that it is not good to be rude: so as children you should always be polite to everyone,” she said.

The Christmas party was marked with various performances by the children and a lot of fun with play-aids such as jumping castles, see-saws and many more.

The children also had the chance of dancing with the First Lady besides being treated to food and drinks.

The First Lady also spoiled each of the 2,500 children with a Christmas gift.


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