Ministry of Homeland Security commits to fighting human trafficking


The Government through the Ministry of Homeland Security says is it committed to fighting trafficking in persons in the country.

Ireen Malumba from the Ministry of Homeland Security said this on Wednesday during a Training and  Orientation of the Resource Mobilisation Sub-Committee on the implementation of the Resource Mobilisation Strategy for the Anti -Trafficking in Persons Fund at BICC in Lilongwe.


Speaking with reporters, Malumba said the ministry has created multiple sources of funding to increase organizational independence and flexibility to implement programs.

“We want more efforts because these people suffer a lot. We will identify resources to achieve long and short term strategic goals to put to an end cases of trafficking in persons,” he explained.

She added that the ministry will among others build permanent shelters which can accommodate people affected by human trafficking.

She then asked people in the country to join hands in the mobilisation of the resources so that people from all parts of the country should be assisted.

In her remarks, Consultant for Encore Creatives Fawzia Osman said they have organised a dinner Friday in Lilongwe in order to raise funds for the mobilisation strategy.

Osman added there is a lot of work which need to be done and more funds to be raised since government’s support cannot reach the required amount.