Joel Osteen’s secrets for outlasting the opposition revealed


How bad do you want what God promised you? If you give up easily, you didn’t want it bad enough!

These are the words of televangelist, Pastor Joel Osteen, who has revealed the secrets and tricks that people can employ to outlast the opposition.

In a clip shared on his official YouTube, Osteen says that “some battles in your life can’t be won instantly”.

“You have to outlast the opposition. Make up your mind to stand firm in your faith no matter how long it takes. Your time is coming. What God promised is still on the way!”

“If you let people discourage you, bad breaks talk you out of it, delays cause you to quit believing, then you are going to miss what God has for you”.

Joel Osteen is an American pastor based in Houston, Texas. He is the founder of Lakewood Church.

According to Nielsen Media Research, Joel is the most watched inspirational figure in America, similar to how Prophet T.B. Joshua commands a following is in Africa.