Gulewamkulu told to stop begging on M1 road


Police in Dedza have warned Gulewamkulu dancers against standing along the M1 road with intent to gather alms.

According to Dedza Police Deputy Publicist, Cassim Manda, such tendencies can cause accidents since the dancers stand in the middle of the road to force motorists to stop their vehicles and give them money.

Manda said: “We also want to warn passengers to stop parking their vehicles wrongly along the M1 road in order to take photos with the Gulewamkulu dancers.”

Dedza police have since been in talks with Chewa traditional leaders to work together in dealing with this behavior.

“So far, police have engaged several Chewa leaders which include Group village headman Njuchi, Kumtelera and Zuze,” Manda added.

In his remarks, Group Village Headman (GVH) Njuchi bemoaned the tendency of some Gulewamkulu dancers who are into this behaviour of gathering alms on the road.

“I am also shocked, it’s uncalled for to see Gulewamkulu standing on the road or by the road to gather alms. This is against our culture,” said Njuchi.

He added that, Gulewamkulu comes out when there is a funeral and other important events, but not along the road just to be begging for alms. Group village headman Njuchi then ordered the police to arrest any Gulewamkulu found gathering alms on the road.

Written by George Mponda