Chalamanda tells youth to reject being used by politicians


Former Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda has asked young people in the country to reject being used by the politicians.

Noel Chalamanda

Chalamanda said this during a symposium for the youth organised by St. Louis Montfort (CI) Parish.

The former Mayor said it is pathetic to see many youths in the country being used by politicians by supporting violent activities towards the politicians’ opponents.

“I feel pity when I see young people like you being used by others just for the sake of money. Political leaders are the ones that commonly use the youths to harass others and insult their opponents. They even go further painting themselves just because they will get something,” said Chalamanda said.

He also expressed concern about the behavior of the youths in this generation where they are easily taken up by worldly activities.

He then encouraged young people to be productive in their undertakings saying they need to be self-reliant in order for them not to be used by others.

Chalamanda promised to be with the youths in their activities and asked them to plant trees around the church compound as one way of maintaining the good face of Blantyre city.

The youth’s matron, Sandra Rix, concurred with Chalamanda by condemning evil acts that the youths in the country are involved in.

In her speech, she emphasized that one should be responsible for his or her wellbeing.

“There is no one who is going to take care of your lives, you need to be responsible with it. Someone’s right goes together with responsibility. So don’t over use the rights that are entitled to you by violating other people’s rights in order to please someone,” said Rix.