Pupils learning under trees near toilets in Chikwawa


Pupils at Namalindi Primary School in Chikwawa learn under trees which are near toilets due to shortage of school blocks.

At this school, which is in the area of Traditional Authority Katunga, pupils learn under trees closer to toilets as they do not have any other option.

Bethia, a standard eight learner at the school, said the learners find it difficult to concentrate in class since their attention is affected by cars, cattle and people who passes by the school.

“Sometimes while we are learning strong wind starts and this always disturbs our lessons and also during rainy season we are always at risk,” she said

Speaking in an interview, head teacher of Namalindi Primary School George Lembetu expressed hope that government and non-governmental organization will help.

“Indeed, we always have problems due to inadequate learning blocks,” he said.

On his part, Village headman Migano of the area singled out lack of unity and cooperation in defeating the problem.

He said: “We need to join hands for this challenge to be dealt with. We can provide bricks quarry and sand while the remaining ones government and other well-wishers should intervene.”

Currently, Namalindi primary has a total number of 1575 learner and all of them cannot be accommodated in the available classrooms.