Msundwe rape victim pregnant

One of the women raped by police officers at Msundwe in Lilongwe says she is pregnant.

The woman got pregnant after being raped by a police officer on October 9th this year.

Another woman who was also raped by a police officer was infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

On October 8, residents of Mpingu and Msundwe mounted illegal roadblocks on the Mchinji-Lilongwe road. The Police rushed to the scene to disperse the group but one of the police officers Usuman Imedi was killed during the fracas.

The next day, officers were deployed to Mpingu, M’bwatalika and Msundwe trading centres to arrest suspects.

During the operation, police officers raped and sexually abused women and self-boarding girl students. They also tortured people and looted private property.

The law enforcers instituted an inquiry to identify officers who raped and tortured the women and teenage girls but the investigation is yet to be concluded.

On October 30, Acting Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service, Duncan Mwapasa, said the victims refused to be interviewed by law enforcers tasked with investigating the matter.



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  1. How could the victims be interviewed by the same law breakers? This is total rubbish. An independent is more suitable to do the investigations

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