Construction works fuelling spread of STIs

…STIs up by 200 percent in villages around Phalombe Hospital

Health authorities in Phalombe have revealed that cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) have increased in the district because of construction works.

This was revealed on Wednesday during the awareness campaign which was organised by National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) in collaboration with officials from the Ministry of Health and Population in Phalombe.

Chief Kaduya

District’s Health Office spokesperson, Daniel Chilomo, said in an interview that cases related to STIs have risen at Migowi health centre a facility close to construction area of new boma site where among others the district hospital, government offices are being constructed.

“At the start of construction project of the Phalombe District Hospital in 2017/18 STIs cases were at 318 and in 2018/19 cases registered are 1056 only at Migowi health centre which is closer to the construction area.

“That is why we are here today, telling these people that they should abstain and they should at least think of seeking HIV Testing Services (HTC) before having affairs with these workers who have come here from different districts,” said Chilomo.

NCIC representative at the event, Daniel Kampondeni, said the construction industry is losing many members yearly to death due to HIV/AIDS hence they are walking around making people aware that they should refrain from indulging themselves in sexual malpractice.

“As you know we look after construction companies and in our research we have found that we are losing many workers in the construction industry due to HIV/AIDS and even members of communities where these constructions are being done, are facing the same problem,” he said.


He added that many people are seduced by the money that workers in the construction sites have and the consequences are disruption of marriages and increase in number of orphans in the communities.

In her remarks, Senior Chief Kaduya advised women in the area to avoid being seduced anyhow as abstinence is key to their good health.

“We all know that the boma is moving from where it is now to this place here in Migowi so many construction projects will be coming, my fellow women I want to tell you that please abstain, money shall come and go but life won’t,” she said.

One of the women in the area, Lucy Taulo, admitted that indeed many people are having multiple sexual partners in the area and that many marriages have ended because of the workers who have come to do different projects here.

“It is true, with this hunger many marriages have been shaken as women are leaving their husbands for the men who are working here,” she said.