TB Joshua catches prophet using demonic powers to deliver miracles

TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua has caught and revealed one of the highly respected prophets who has been using demonic powers to deliver miracles.

During the time of prayer at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), the man of God gave a prophecy that there was a man on the floor wearing a collar who was using demonic powers to deliver miracles.

“There are almost seven people that just came out now, there is a pastor among them and I want him to be sincere. He is on the floor now why is he on the floor with a collar? You are not a pastor but you call yourself a pastor because you use evil power,” said TB Joshua.

TB Joshua
T.B. Joshua

Upon hearing the prophecy, the fake pastor stepped forward and started narrating his story.

“I am pastor Victory Chiaka from Devine Miracle Assembly in Imo state; I have a problem in my ministry. When the ministry is growing it will go back, so someone told me that he is the one who is troubling me. Then I ran to my friend who took me to a witchdoctor,” he said.

Chiaka continued that the witchdoctor prepared a charm for him to swallow so that no one would be able to kill him.

Concerning Chiaka’s ministry, the witchdoctor promised that those branches that had failed would rise again.

“I put the charm in water and sprinkled it in the church premises then many people started coming to the church. If people were sick I would give them the water to drink it under three days they would recover,” he said.

Chiaka continued that as things started happening the church started to go back again which made him to visit several witchdoctors.

After he was touched with the prayers on Emmanuel TV, Chiaka decided to go to Prophet TB Joshua to ask the man of God to deliver him.