Congolese boy quarantined in Karonga after showing signs of Ebola

An eight-year-old boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo who has shown signs of Ebola has been put under quarantine in Karonga.

The boy together with his parents travelled to Malawi from DRC through Burundi and Tanzania. In DRC, the family lived in South Kivu.

Karonga environmental officer Lewis Tukula said the family members attempted to evade Kaporo Immigration post but were intercepted at Iponga in the district.

“He has all the signs of Ebola disease, he is vomiting, he has vomited six times, he has body weakness and high fever,” said Tukula.

According to Ministry of Health spokesperson Joshua Malango, medical samples of the child have been sent to Lilongwe for tests where it will be established if the child has the disease or not.

Last month, there was an Ebola scare in Karonga after a man who showed signs of the disease died.

Tests conducted in South Africa on samples taken from the 37-year-old man later showed that he did not succumb to Ebola.

Recently, health authorities in the district conducted an Ebola simulation exercise to prepare health workers for handling Ebola cases.