Slain crocodiles did not belong to anyone – Police   

Police in Mangochi have refuted reports that a villager at Mponda has claimed ownership of crocodiles which were shot dead for killing two people.

The two crocodiles caused havoc around Mpondasi dock between October and early November this year in which two people were killed.

This forced police and wild officers to hunt and kill these fierce crocodiles.

Following the killing of the crocodiles, the social media was awash with reports that Mangochi police station has received a complaint from one of the community members claiming he was the owner of the two crocodiles.

Social media reports further indicated that the person demanded his two crocodiles back with promise that he will as well return two people who got killed by these two dangerous animals.

However, Mangochi police public relations officer, Inspector Rodrick Maida has vehemently denied the reports.

Inspector Maida has urged the general public not to panic with the social media reports saying the police have not received such a complaint.

“It is therefore fake news and abuse of social media that the two shot dead crocodiles belonged to a person as there is nobody who lodged a complaint of that nature at Mangochi Police Station,” said Maida.