Govt sells secondary school

Government has sold a public secondary school in Lilongwe to Malawians of Asian origin, it has been revealed.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South West, Nancy Tembo, said yesterday that Livimbo Secondary School at Area 2 in Lilongwe has been sold to Malawians of Asian origin.

Tembo: made the revelation

She added that the new owners of the school are planning to demolish it and have since ordered school management to leave.

Said Tembo: “Imagine the whole Livimbo School in Area 2 has been sold and students, I am told, are now stranded.

“This is a government school and I am told the land was sold by officials from the Ministry of Lands. Who does that?”

The legislator was speaking at a meeting between Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs and officials from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

During the meeting, Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Lands Joseph Mwandidya admitted that there is rampant corruption in the ministry as officials are involved in illegal land sales.

“Let me say it without hiding, the Ministry of Lands is rotten. There is no need to hide it. There is too much corruption taking place and people have been duped,” he said

Last month, police arrested seven people who created a lands office and fraudulently sold six plots in Lilongwe for K550 million. According to reports, the suspects were released on bail without being charged.

Mwandidya on Tuesday complained that the group which is led by an Indian is fully connected.

He, however, assured the committee that the Ministry will do all it can to make sure the suspects are prosecuted.

Said Mwandidya: “We are working with ACB [Anti-Corruption Bureau] on the syndicate and hopefully something will come up.”



  1. ‘Malawians of Asian origin’. I wonder how Africans would feel in US or Europe if they bought land and were described as ‘of African origin’. The problem is not with the buyers, but with the Malawian sellers. Corrupt Malawians willing to sell their country for personal benefit.

  2. Would it be an exaggeration to describe the ‘blue’ colour government’ as the very blood that is produced from the bone marrow of official corruption? Engaging the ACB or Malawi Police Service in any corruption related cases is similar to sending a person with both legs amputated to go and attempt to climb and conquer Mt Everest! If these blue blooded riches and power hungry mafias remain in government for even one more year, Malawi as a democratic society is doomed! (What’s happened to Zimbabwe, I pray that God will spare Malawi! )

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