Shocking truth behind the collapse of TB Joshua’s SCOAN building revealed

TB Joshua

Shocking! The factors that led to the collapse of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s church that killed 116 people have been revealed by engineering experts.

At the ongoing court case regarding the tragic building incident at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria on September 12th 2014, Professor Patrick Nwankwo made the shocking revelation.

Professor Nwankwo, an international professor of building and structural engineering, gave evidence on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th November 2019 at the Lagos State High Court in Igbosere.

In his conclusions that have been reported by several newspapers and media houses in Nigeria, Professor Nwankwo confirmed the ill-fated guesthouse was compliant with international standards, ruling out complicit as the cause behind the collapse.

While being led-in-evidence by the defence counsel, Olalekan Ojo (SAN), Nwankwo told the court that he visited the site, took measurements and carried out thorough investigations before concluding that that the collapse “had nothing to do with structural defects”.

Professor Nwankwo said a building with structural defects would fall partially or sink on one side, adding that warning signals such as cracks would be observed by occupants.

“It is not possible for it to collapse like a park of cards as seen in the case of Synagogue”, he insisted, referring to the manner in which the building imploded in a matter of seconds, as captured by the church’s CCTV.

Explaining his modus operandi, Professor Nwankwo said he carried out structural analysis using Orion Design Software modelling on the beams, columns, foundation, anchorage, expansion joints, rigid zones and mechanism vis-a-vis the internationally accepted Codes of practice for engineering to arrive at his conclusions.

Nwankwo tendered the report on his findings, accompanied by several volumes of ‘British Standard building codes of practice’ to support his assertions, as exhibits to the court.

Dr Jide Martin, the Director of Public Prosecution, raised no objection against the documents after examining them.

Professor Patrick’s conclusions mirror that of Dr Stephen Asheri Ntoga, a trained civil, structural and material engineer from Tanzania who equally examined the guesthouse within TB Joshua’s church complex and concluded structural or foundational failure could not have been responsible for its tragic collapse.

The Lagos State Government is suing The SCOAN over the collapsed building that led to the death of 116 people, including 85 South Africans.



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  2. The Prophet Quoted :
    The building was targeted by agents of satan and GOD WILL REVENGE in a special way.
    Thanks Malawian Post. You always Post the TRUTH.

  3. The report is a vindication for The Man of God,The Church Management and the team of Engineers that carried out the construction works.Those who wished the church sanctioned out of their hatred and disdain for the Man of God,Prophet T B Joshua would have to swallow their bitterness.But I pray that God touch their heart to do a rethink on their age long position.Touch not my annointed one and do my prophet no harm.

  4. The world knows, the world knew that some one or something did something to the building.. May God reavel the faces of all who planned this evil.. God heal those who lost their loved ones in this incident
    God bless Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua and his ministry

  5. From visuals of the collapse it is abundantly clear that ONLY explosives could have caused the collapse in the fashion and manner it did. It is similar to an instance where a building is set with explosives and then detonated under controlled circumstances: the collapse is instant and falls from top down. Definately foul play: nothing besides. 85 South Africans perished as a result of terrorist activities.

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