Mutharika urges people who lost May 21 elections to move on

President Peter Mutharika has insisted that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the May 21 presidential elections and has urged those who lost to move on.

Mutharika made the remarks at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre where he addressed ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters who welcomed him from Lilongwe.

DPP supporters escorting Mutharika to the palace

The DPP supporters gathered at the Clock Tower in the commercial capital and escorted the President to the Palace.

Mutharika told his supporters that they have every right to celebrate the party’s victory in the May 21 elections

“DPP won the elections and we have all the reason to be celebrating and nobody should be stopping us. We won and those who lost should just swallow their pride and move on,” he said.

The president also called for unity and the need for all people to rise above their political differences.

“It’s high time we united as Malawians and I have been saying this for the last six years. Anybody wants to talk me, can come and talk to me. The offer is still there. There is nothing new,” he said.

Mutharika was declared winner in the May 21 presidential elections but Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party and Saulos Chilima of UTM who also contested in the polls are disputing the results saying there were irregularities that affected the outcome.

In his speech on Sunday, Mutharika said he won the presidency because of the immense votes he got from 53 constituencies in eastern and southern regions.

The Malawi leader then outlined government plans to construct health centers, community and constituency colleges, secondary schools and roads across the country.

President Mutharika said every community should have access to clean water, electricity, quality education and effective and efficient health services.

“We want to bring development to all parts of the country, and not only in towns. We started constructing community colleges and we have just launched project aimed at constructing secondary schools across the country. We will continue to deliver what we promised in our manifesto,” said Mutharika.


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  1. Idle and unique Malawians won’t bow to a such stupid call until justice prevails how u won the elections in a transparent and fair way.
    No matter u seems to bribe those judges, but the truth will set all voters free from ur nepotism leadership.
    I also appeal to all deeply concerned Malawians that don’t ever bow down to fight back ur hard earned democracy from one party rule to rise and defend it.
    We didn’t want to be where Malawi is todate through ur nepotism , regionalism , corruption and tribalism kabaals.
    U are talking about equal education among all Malawians whom doesn’t seen it with ur quota system
    What equal balance do u mean Mapuya??
    Malawi has been divided under ur cruel leadership that many intellectuals and civilians lives are at stake that doesn’t make them safe and secured.
    Negative Court judgement on election case will cause Malawi ungovernable until transparency comes out
    I call ur message as party campaign not a reconcile speech
    Idle Malawians are only waiting a new dawn called Kwacha not cruelity governance.
    Malawians are not fools as u believe only urself

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