Mboro fighting against Zim sanctions


Prophet Mboro will march to the United States Embassy in South Africa tomorrow to protest sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Mboro, real name Paseka Motsoeleng, will be part of the Anti-Sanctions march to the USA embassy on a day set aside by SADC to stand in solidarity with Zimbabwe regarding sanctions imposed by United States of America, European Union and allies.

Prophet Mboro Ntate Moporo
Mboro: to protest

The march has been organized by the Coalition Against Sanctions, an umbrella Movement for different organizations, businesses, churches and individuals.

“We planned a march to the USA embassy in Pretoria on the day mentioned. We will convene from Pretoria Tourism Park to the USA embassy. Communications have been made to the embassy and they are ready to receive our Petition,” the movement said in a statement.

Zimbabweans will also march on Friday in Zimbabwe to urge the US and the EU to remove the sanctions. The government has since declared October 25 as a public holiday.

Zimbabwean officials including President Emmerson Mnangagwa have faced years of US sanctions over human rights violations.

The US has always said that sanctions can only be removed through political and economic reforms.