Top civil servants now getting K33 million a year as Grade R workers get K99,000 a month


The government has increased salaries for civil servants with the highest paid government workers earning K33 million per year.

According to a circular by Secretary for Human Resource Management dated 18 October, the salary increments which are effective July 31, 2019 are for all workers from grades A to R.

The increment however, has done little to reduce the gap between the highest and the lowest paid civil servants as the top earners get 27 times more than the lowest paid workers. Previously, highest earners were getting 30 times more than lowest earners.

Grade A civil servants are heads of public service whose minimum wage is K30 million, an increase from K28.5 million per year.

The highest paid workers are in Grade A4 where salaries have been increased from K31.1 million per year to K33 million.

According to the circular, Grade R1 workers are the lowest paid civil servants and their salaries have been increased from K1,036,800 to K1,192 320 per year.

Salaries for highest paid civil servants on this grade have been increased from K1,070,400 to K1,222, 140.

First degree holders are placed on Grade I where salaries previously ranged from K2,834,232 to 3,281, 532 and now ranges from 3,125, 136 to 3,750, 156.

In the circular, the principal secretary Hilario Chimota said the increased salaries are a result of consultations between government and the Civil Service Trade Union.

He advised controlling officers in ministries and government departments to draw the new salaries from the provision under personal emoluments and to consult Secretary to Treasury if the new salaries lead to over-expenditure.

“Where any anomalies, omissions or errors arising from the implementation of this circular become apparent, details should be reported to this office for appropriate action,” reads part of the circular.

In the 2019/20 budget, Minister of Finance Joseph Mwanamvekha increased salaries by 10 percent to 15 percent depending on grade, with an average of 12 percent.

He said the new salaries will increase government wage bill from K398.8 billion to  K443.4 billion.