Power cuts hit small businesses hard

Operators of small businesses in Lilongwe say their businesses are being heavily affected by frequent blackouts the country is experiencing.

Small businesses like this one have been affected

During interviews, the businesspersons said it is difficult now to make profits because during the day it’s when there is business but many times they do not have power.

This has impacted on their lives as some of them are failing to pay rent, school fees for their children and also failing to buy resources in their respective homes.

The businesspersons have asked the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi to end the frequent power cuts because the situation has really affected them.

“I am not making enough money as I used to do before we started experiencing blackouts.  Frequent power cuts have really affected our lives in so many ways and we are asking Escom together with the government to take an action”, said Samuel Wayisoni who is based in Area 24.

Mayeso Chatayika who runs a welding shop at Ngwenya also expressed concern over the frequent power cuts saying it is hard for him to operate his business.

“I am failing to support my family and also it is difficult for me to pay the people that work at my welding shop since the business is not operating very well,” Mayeso said.

Electricity Generation Company said earlier this month that the power cuts are due to maintenance works at its power stations.