Police search for officers who raped women in Msundwe

The Malawi Police has instituted an inquiry to identify officers who raped and tortured women and teenage girls in Lilongwe earlier this month.

According to National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera, the inquiry team will be headed by Commissioner of Police Arlene Baluwa.

Kadadzera: we are investigating

“[The team] comprises different individuals who will investigate the matter in a transparent and independent manner. Based on evidence, all suspects identified will be treated to the laws of the land without favour,” said Kadadzera.

He appealed to members of the general public with information on the issue to share the information with the law enforcers.

“This will help to conduct thorough, speedy and factual investigation,” said Kadadzera.

On October 8, residents of Mpingu and Msundwe mounted illegal roadblocks on the Mchinji-Lilongwe road. The Police rushed to the scene to disperse the group but one of the police officers Usuman Imedi was killed during the fracas.

The next day, officers were deployed to Mpingu, M’bwatalika and Msundwe trading centres to arrest suspects.

During the operation, police officers raped and sexually abused women and self-boarding girl students. They also tortured people and looted private property.

On Wednesday, The NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) demanded an investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, some Malawians have questioned the inquiry saying the police should be able to know officers who were deployed to the three areas.

“Why not just arrest those officers who were assigned to rape the women? I would believe that there is a list of those that were sent to Msundwe within the walls of a certain police station. Or is it that the police is protecting the evil within itself as always?” said one Facebook user while commenting on the police statement.



  1. If mwapasa will be confirmed, the country will have alot of rape cases.

    How can he send officers to rape young girls?what type of IG will he be? Foolish?

    Will police arrest rapist now?

    Foolish country.

  2. Why is the Police still not arresting those who hacked Billy Mayaya?? The public is still waiting. The matter can never die a natural death. It may take months or years but those cadets will one day face the full force of the law

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