Mothers of children with disabilities plead for help

Mothers of children with disabilities say lack of necessities such as wheelchairs makes it difficult for their children to go to school.

Lilongwe is one of the district where there are many children with disabilities mostly in rural areas of the district.

Grace Joseph from Kapiiri Village, Traditional Authority Tsabango in Lilongwe has a 20-year-old son with disability and she told Malawi24 she is failing to take good care of him due to poverty.

“It is very difficult for me to take care of my child who is disabled because I am a single parent. My husband died long time ago and I have raised the child alone without anyone to help.

“I am very poor and there is nothing I do that gives me money, so as you know children with disabilities they need a lot of things in their lives like food, clothes and a good and a safe place to stay. Most of the times we do not eat anything,” she said.

She added that her child does not go to school because he cannot walk and need a wheelchair for him to start going to school. According to Joseph, due to poverty she cannot   buy the child a wheelchair

Felecia Phiri is another woman from Lilongwe who has a child that is disabled. Phiri who is based at Tongole in T/A Tsabango said her child who is aged 16 and is in Standard Six also lacks basic necessities.

According to Phiri, some people came to her house claiming they wanted to help her child but they only took pictures and never came back.

The two women asked well-wishers to help assist their children.