Phyzix booed at Chanco

Hip hop artist Phyzix had a night to forget on Friday when he was booed all the way off the stage at Chancellor College in Zomba.

The Cholapitsa star was at the Chirunga campus once again for a pre-social weekend event. His performance left nothing positive to write about when he uttered negative remarks towards his fellow rapper Fredokiss.

Phyzix: was booed

According to indicate that he called Fredokiss a fool. According to reports, that angered patrons to the extent that they started chanting songs pro-Fredokiss songs. Eventually, Phyzix was chased from the stage.

Another version of the story reveals that at the end of the performance, Phyzix whose real name is Noel Chikoleka, said he is the King of the Ghetto, a title which Fredokiss is also synonymous with.

As a result, angry patrons started chanting that they like Fredokiss and they believe he is the real King of the Ghetto. It is not clear where Chikoleka did that deliberately to attract attention or not.

Chancellor College is popular with chasing musicians from the stage. In 2015, Afro RNB star Bucci fell victim to the students when they chased him for failing to deliver.



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