Mtambo escapes shooting attack


Rights activist Timothy Mtambo escaped unhurt  after thugs shot at his vehicle on Friday night at Mtandire in Lilongwe.

Mtambo who is chairperson of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident but he managed to turn it around and drive the bullet riddled vehicle away.

According to Mtambo’s friend Onjezani Kenani, Mtambo was approaching the Mtandire Bridge just after 10 p.m when a vehicle that was following him drew level.

“One of the car’s occupants started shooting. One bullet hit Mtambo’s front tyre, the other hit the lower side of the door. About six bullets were shot overall, then the car sped past and was gone,” Kenani said.

He added that the activist managed to escape unhurt.

“He controlled the car, turned and returned the way he had come,” said Kenani.

Mtambo has been leading post-election protests demanding the removal of Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Jane Ansah.

Yesterday, the government accused Mtambo’s HRDC of plotting to cause chaos in the country by setting markets on fire.




  1. Am very sorry for what happened to Me Mtambo , hope God is the 1 to protect him as he is fighting for our freedom in Malawi. I love Wht Mtambo is doing at the moment but I believe Jane and his boyfriend Pitala are trying to cause negativity to Mtambo but they are just fooling themselves we Malawias can not sleep any more . All the best Mr Mtambo

  2. Is this real? Why the gunman did not target you or your seat but your car (the tyre, rear side). Why they did not wait you to get out of the car? What are your emotions when you reported to the radio after incidence?

    I was asking

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