Mtambo demands investigation into shooting attack

National Chairperson for Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Timothy Mtambo has called for investigation into the attack on his life on Friday.

Mtambo’s vehicle was shot at

According to the rights activist, he was attacked by armed men in Lilongwe who shot at his car on Friday night. Mtambo escaped the attack unhurt.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe on Saturday, Mtambo said the police should investigate the incident and arrest the people behind the attack.

“We are warning those who are involved in these acts, what happened yesterday has revealed that there are  some people who are keeping firearms and we are asking the Malawi Police Service to arrest those people failing which we will consult the Malawi Defence Force (MDF),” he explained.

He added that people have been threatening to get rid of members of the HRDC to stop them from fighting for rights in the country.

He then said that everyone in this country has a right to live peacefully as such the threats and intimidations will only create enmity among Malawians.

Mtambo also asked Minister of Homeland Security Nicolas Dausi and Information Minister Mark Botomani to stop accusing the HRDC of causing chaos in the country.

HRDC has been organising demonstrations to force Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah to resign accusing her of mishandling May 21 elections.

Incidents of violence have been recorded during the demonstrations prompting donors and church leaders to call for peace and dialogue.

At the press briefing, Mtambo said they are open to meet government to discuss ways of ending violence.



  1. On my opinion when I saw those holes on that car mainly in a back near that tyre the shape of it it gives me doubts that cant be a bullet and no any bullet in top side of the car my question is…What they were shooting?I think Mtambo is in action he just made it to seek attention that’s all but its not a good things coz akuphesa amalawi osalakwa for his personal interests

  2. Mtambo should force muthalika to leave our country , bcz hi is not Malawian hi is from Zimbabwe, soi should go back to Zimbabwe.

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