Mangochi religious leaders call for peace


Religious leaders in Mangochi have called for peace and have rejected claims that Mangochi residents will revenge the death of Usumani Imedi, a police officer who was killed in Lilongwe.

The group of religious leaders in the district under the Mangochi Interfaith Dialogue said this at a press briefing today following the murder of Imedi.

Imedi was buried in Mangochi on Wednesday

Executive Member for the group Sheikh Farhard Kansuli called on leaders of political parties in Malawi to meet and find ways of ending post-election violence.

He added that religious and chiefs should assist in preaching peace.

“What is happening now will not take Malawi forward since people are losing lives and property and failing to do business,” Kansuli said.

During the press briefing, the group also rejected claims that people of Mangochi will revenge the death of Imedi.

Kansuli said the people spreading the fake stories are advancing their personal interests. He added that all Malawians are free to stay in any part of the country.

Other members of the religious grouping also attended the press briefing.

The police officer, Imedi, was stoned to death by a mob that engaged in running battles with the police at Nsundwe Trading Centre on Tuesday.

The law enforcers were trying to disperse the violent protesters who had blocked the Mchinji-Lilongwe road in protest against a rally which President Peter Mutharika held in the city.

Imedi was buried on Wednesday at Chilinda village, Traditional Authority Makanjira in Mangochi.