One learner killed, two injured after classroom collapses

A seven-year-old Standard One learner at a primary school in Mwanza has died while two others aged six and 10 have sustained injuries after a school block collapsed.

The school block at Fumbi

The incident occurred at Fumbi Primary School in the district.

Mwanza District Commissioner (DC) Francis Matewere identified the injured pupils as Maliko Fositala aged 10 and Mark Masitoni aged six who are Standard Three and One respectively,

According to Matewere, the students were passing close to the classroom block when the wall collapsed.

The two injured learners were taken to Mwanza District Hospital where they are receiving treatment.

Matewere said the two are in a stable condition.

Meanwhile, Malawians have called for the proper investigations into the matter and for the prosecution of people responsible for the substandard building.

“Stealing building materials or fraudulently under supplying materials (thus depriving a safe environment to children) is, in my layman’s understanding, cause of any death resulting from the collapse of the seemingly imposing yet fraudulent infrastructure,”  said Journalist Malick Mnela.

He added that the death of the two pupils is enraging.

“At no point should parents wake up hesitant to see their children off to a death trap called a school. Schools are not places for our children to die,” said Mnela.