MEC to register new voters for by-elections

By Era Pinifolo – MEC Stringer

The Malawi Electoral Commission MEC says it will register new voters for the forthcoming by elections.

Part of audience during launch

MEC will on November 5, 2019 conduct by elections in Lilongwe South Constituency and Matenje Ward in Kasungu North West Constituency.

Speaking at the Traditional Authority Chulu Headquarters in Kasungu  district during the launch of the by elections, MEC Commissioner Bishop Mary Nkosi said those who will turn 18 before or on 11 October will be able to register for the by-elections.

“As a commission, we want to give a chance to all the voters to vote en masse during the forthcoming by elections.

“This time around we are also targeting more first time voters to register in order to vote during the by election,” said Nkosi.

Bishop Nkosi warned that the commission will not accommodate transfers in the by-election since it is just a single ward.

According to commissioner Nkosi, MEC will commence both the voter registration and verification exercise on 10 to 11 October this year.