SHOCKING – ‘Demon takes 16 year old girl to hell’ as Prophet Ed Citronnelli prayer ‘turns’ woman into a ‘snake’

Ed Citronnelli

‘I have been to hell and back’

Prophet Ed Citronnelli who sprayed anointing oil on a woman’s private parts has rescued another woman who claims to have been abducted by a demon and taken to Hell.

The New York based prophet shared a clip of the woman who claimed that the demon wanted her to be his wife.

Ed Citronnelli
Prophet Ed Citronnelli praying for Rosa

“I am seeing three prisons. And in these cages, I am seeing a name. I am also seeing your birth certificate, your career. They are all in a satanic prison” prophesies Citronnelli to the woman.

“I am also hearing the name Rosa. The Lord is ministering to me that tonight, all chains, all evil prisons, all torments, all arrows of the enemy, all orchestration of evil will stop” he continues before exorcising her of the said demon.

During the prayers, the woman’s alleged abductor, the demon, declares the woman as his.

“She is mine because she made witchcraft incarnations” claims the evil spirit, saying he had been with the teenager since birth.

“I put my hands on her and took her to hell when she was 16 years old. Since that time, she believes she is crazy. She fights with me but she can’t. She tries to rebuke me, but she miserably fails to succeed. I want her to be my wife. She is going to be my priestess.

“I do not want her to sing. Her voice is going to be mine”

After several minutes of praying to exorcise the young lady, Prophet Ed Citronnelli  declares the woman freed.

“I break every evil pact she has with you and I make her free” he prays while stepping on her right hand.

Immediately, the woman ‘turns’ into what Citronnelli claims to be a snake – a manifestation of the serpent spirit.

After slithering the church’s floors, Ed Citronnelli declares the woman freed from the demons that had possessed her.

Prophet Citronnelli made headlines when he sprayed some anointing ‘liquids’ on a woman’s private parts in order ‘to cast out’ a demon.

Citronnelli alleged that the demon was  sleeping and having oral s*ex with the lady, hence the exorcism.

He is one of the emerging prophets driving the prosperous gospel in the United States of America (USA).

Meanwhile, Prophet Ed Citronnelli is on tour of the Middle East. He was in Karachi in Pakistan for 3 days last month for a Festival of Miracles.

This week he is in Dubai for “a mighty move of the Holy Spirit” crusade. The crusade which starts today and ends tomorrow is free of charge in order for a magnitude of people “to receive blessings and breakthrough” in what is considered as the global city and the business hub of the Middle East.

He is being hosted in Dubai by Pastor Donald Benedict of Saving Grace Church. Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is predominantly an Islamic country.

Next month, he is expected to visit India for a 3 day crusade in Dimapur, Nagaland.

Prophet Ed Citronnelli has been ministering for over 30 years and continues to preach the gospel of healing & deliverance to thousands across the world.

He has been to several countries such as Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria.

“His massive miracle crusades of sometimes 60,000 people in attendance and growing are marking nations for the Kingdom of God” he claims on his website.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that he will be visiting Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and  Kenya for crusades.

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Shocking: Prophet Ed Citronnelli sprays liquids on woman’s private parts